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February 03, 2011

Ode to Neti Pots, Masks and Doing Nothing In Particular

Not that I'm sick or anything, but if I was, know what is totally awesome?

Neti Pots. The bomb. My sister brought one back from the States and they may feel a little like you are holding your head upside down in a wave but do they ever clear your clogged head!

I feel quite amazing.

Also we brought face masks back from Japan. Mum got sick there so "when in Rome..."
You know when you can't breath through your nose and your mouth gets all dry and you wake up in the morning feeling a little bit like you slept with your head in a warm air vent.

Sleep with a mask on. Do it. Yes, you do look like you have a hideously infectious disease to be avoided at all costs but boy do you feel good in the morning. Vastly increases your ability to cope with any teasing about said infectious disease (or at least that's how these things go down in my house!).

Additionally,  I am celebrating the last few weeks of my summer holiday!! Before I go back to University I'm doing nothing in particular except drinking coffee and catching up on tv shows. I am trying very much to relax completely and enjoy it. I do have an teeny tiny tendency at the moment to be quite contrary like Mary Mary and argue a lot. I don't even mean to! I thought I was happy but suddenly I was 20 minutes into a discussion defending an opinion I formed on the spot and wouldn't back down from. Why? I have no idea! I needed to be contrary. Nice one. Baaaad habit, I should stick to less annoying vices like coffee.

Cafe Eighty-Eight
Hope you are having a fun beginning of your year!



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Love the cute photo from cafe 88.

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