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January 28, 2011

Reconnecting With Cuteness

So I arrived home to New Zealand safely, not feeling the least bit poorly either, huh!
Have been watching movies because it's raining, as you do.

Anyone seen "How to Train Your Dragon"? A-dorable.
Like, I could just walk right into that screen and squeeze wee Toothless until his little pink tongue pops out, the gorgeous, moody cat/bat/dragon that he is.

Japan released a limited edition Toothless phone charm (of course). Way to go Japan, wish I had me one of those! May have a new and mild obsession with cute phone charms. My phone cannot attach any, go figure. But it's so cute! I would find somewhere to put it. 

In fact, may have a renewed love for all things cute.

It's reasonably common knowledge that Japan has cute stuff. "Kawaii" slogans, jingles, posters, mascots, cartoons. To be honest I never really found the typical stuff cute. Pokémon for example: Pikachu was just a fat yellow hamster who looked like his tail had been shut in the door. Maybe it had been and that's why he was always so grumpy...

Guys? Japan does cute gooood. I mean, real good. I bought their special edition angel teddy doughnuts I didn't even like the taste of all that much just because I couldn't resist their little cute faces singin' their little doughnut jingle, awww. Heck, I wished I was there longer to get a point card to score one of their adorable silver and pink doughnut phone charms!

A part of me had reawakened. My weakness for all things cute that had been keeping quiet and acting all mature was freed! It was surely being exploited to the fullest whilst I was there and I was loving every minute of it! This year is the year of usagi, rabbit (also my birth year). I now own a lot of things with rabbits on them, I left even more on the shelves *sigh*.

So thanks Japan. I feel a little lighter, freer. More authentic and less cynical. Warm and fuzzy even. And so much more now can I appreciate the adorable movies I come across.



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