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December 26, 2010

I'm Popping Out, Shan't Be Long!

My friend Julia walking on rocks around the Mount

Tomorrow morning at 3am we are driving to Auckland to fly to Japan for a wee trip.

3 and a half weeks we will be gone. Mum is going through my grandad's memoirs to find where he was stationed in WWII. I'm looking forward to standing where he once did. To remember him and appreciate how our world has changed in just two generations.

We are travelling Honshu: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima etc. Some dear friends are there I am so excited to visit :D

I was going to organise to post while I was away, but probably won't after all...I promise I'll take lots of photos and post them here :D

Have a fantastic and great New Year's celebration!


December 23, 2010

Wuv, Twuu Wuv

Today at work an older couple came in, they were holding hands. Not linking hands. Not clasping like they were dependant on each other. Just holding hands, arthritic and gentle. All tender-like.

Like they were out together because they really enjoyed each other. Not out of habit or necessity. Like when they spent time together, it was purposeful and joyous. Natural as breathing.

They were admiring the art, making jokes with us sales-ladies, winking. Adorable.

As my manager said,
"I love shit like that."

Hear, hear.
Love, and Merry Christmas Eve-Eve


P.s. I'm pretty sure I just ate the last candy cane on the tree, I'm also pretty sure no one else has had any.

December 13, 2010

I Want To Go To There

Source Wikimedia via Kuriositas

What a cool/weird/awesome/beautiful/unexpected place!
Go, yes?


December 09, 2010

Oh Santa!

I may be sharing too much, but I love Mariah, especially at Christmas...

My trip coming up is overshadowing Christmas. I'm feeling sad about it. Christmas is my FAVOURITE time of the year! Lucky we are having a big Christmas party next week :D

I want to make these:
Chocolate Peppermint Cookies, courtesy of Martha Stewart
I should really move to the Northern hemisphere so I can have a white Christmas; my favourite season is winter, darn.

The Body Shop has glitter make-up out at the moment too! I love the sparkle eyeliner, and the sparkle spray. Sometimes I am such a girl.

Bring on the festivities!


December 08, 2010


I am always immediately energised by writing lists. Lists, lists, lovely lists...

This afternoon I was working on my Christmas present list. Walking home from work I was going over my master to-do list.

I swear, writing it all down is all the fun. Once it's all written down I promptly forget everything. Hence the need for incessant list-writing, I suppose. Tonight I instigated nothing on my list; watched Aladdin with my brother and my dad.




p.s. I really love lists

December 07, 2010

She Is In Fine Form This Evening Folks

I may or may not look a little bit like this (source)

I'm a lazy arse; it completely slipped my mind that I was going to write today. 1am is not too late, nor an irresponsible time to be awake when working, yeah we understand each other.

So what did I do today? Planning trip later this month blah blah blah, will cost more than anticipated blah blah blah, short on funds. Working, working but/and staying up too late.

Mum has enlisted my services to prepare a Christmas supper and I just 'had' to test the cookie recipe. Hmmm. One may not wish to describe me as 'petite'. Wonder, why on earth?

Blah blah blah, sleep is gooood...


December 06, 2010

Sure Thing, I Can Be Consistent

And with that assurance to myself, I aim to write a little more often. Righto.

Yay for me and my bold confidence; I will be out of the country for the last of the month and will nevertheless work around it. Aren't I intimidatingly efficient? In the style of those bloggers who are all about the productivity? Ambitiously I am telling the world (there you are guys, you are the world to me whoever you are) about my plans.

It's amazing how accustomed one can get to doing nothing... Since arriving home from university I have done not much at all. Now I have picked up some work I'm all tired and pathetic at 10pm. A little lame, yes indeedy.

So to bed I said, I will catch ya'll tomorrow...

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