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December 23, 2010

Wuv, Twuu Wuv

Today at work an older couple came in, they were holding hands. Not linking hands. Not clasping like they were dependant on each other. Just holding hands, arthritic and gentle. All tender-like.

Like they were out together because they really enjoyed each other. Not out of habit or necessity. Like when they spent time together, it was purposeful and joyous. Natural as breathing.

They were admiring the art, making jokes with us sales-ladies, winking. Adorable.

As my manager said,
"I love shit like that."

Hear, hear.
Love, and Merry Christmas Eve-Eve


P.s. I'm pretty sure I just ate the last candy cane on the tree, I'm also pretty sure no one else has had any.


Liam said...

Its ok I did have one or two :-)

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