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October 09, 2010

"The Lost Art of Studying" or "I Seem To Have Misplaced Some Productivity, Have You Seen It?"

 How I currently work:

- Bake too much, leading to feeling of unproductivity.

- Read productivity blogs, tips and tricks in an effort to be productive.

- "Aaaah, brilliant. Of course this is what needs to be done."

- Note, store, file away found information tidily. Feel refreshed.

- Go bake something.

For goodness sake. At least now I'm out of flour. I am not allowed to buy any more until next Saturday. Right guys? No baking posts, you can hold me to it, peeps...

How do you get productive?




Radhika said...

Well my personal way of being productive...
wait until the last moment... and then you're forced into productivity :D

That is my ever so useful advice.

Radhika said...

Also, XD

Puddleduck said...

awww gawsh.
Thanks buddy, so helpful.
But actually I so love that picture, it needed to be on the blog as well as on fb...

Liam said...

Whenever I feel like I'm unproductive, I remember that I'm awesome, failing that I just read your blog and instantly feel better about myself, Dickson OUT!

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