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October 03, 2010

It Made My Day

The genius' behind Lolcats have an awesome link on their site to It Made My Day (antithesis of FML) Awesome stories make fuzzy-feel-nice.

Macaron devotee in Christchurch!! I. Must. Find. This. Store.

How to win rock-paper-scissors everytime, thanks Gala.

I looking for some new wall art, think I need one très chic minimalist poster.  

Know your obsure Star Wars quotes, how many can you get?

This town knows what it does and does not want...

Saw it. Craved it. Ate it, yum.

Happy Puddling!



Radhika said...

-Highlight from It Made My Day:
I was on cash when a boy, maybe 6, came into my line with his mother to buy some modelling clay. He calmly explained to me that he was making a model of Weird Al Yankovic and the proceeded to sing a medley of Amish Paradise, Eat it and Jurasic Park.His mother looked relieved that all the cashiers found this adorable! Totally MMD ^^


-SPOCK. I win.

-V for Vendetta = my fave.

-LOL at that town. Almost makes me wish I had a full bladder in the vicinity of that town to goad the sign-writer XD

ps. i has a karot= win.

(ridiculously adorable?!)

Puddleduck said...

That hedgehog is NUTS!!!

Liam said...

That is the funniest thing I have seen all day :-)

Puddleduck said...

You mean the hamster? he is cute isn't he?

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