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September 05, 2010

The Weekend Couldn't Make Up Its Mind

Photo by Matt Stuart
Well, regarding the weather at least.
And I suppose neither could I; it was an eclectic bunch of links I found this weekend...

Thankfully, here to save the day, meet my new best friend, courtesy of Sarah.

Blue shoes! Enough to make a winterphile crave summer :D

Space-saving technology dubbed “Resource Furniture”; or perhaps rather “How to fit in Tokyo”.

Apparently we should be ‘taking it lying down’ after all!

You have heard the stories, see the reality. Ew.

Prepare for cuteness overload.

Now it has been pointed out, I cannot unsee...

Speaking of films, this is quite clever.

And finally, I so love sandwiches! What do you like to eat for lunch?

Hope you had a lovely weekend, it's back to study for me this week!



Radhika said...

OH wow... I almost want to live in a small space just so I can get that AWESOME furniture!! Must be uber expensive though right?

The McDs. Disgusting just as you stated. Is it terrible that even now I'd probably have it after a big night in town?! LOL I'll try my best to have a kebab instead though XD

As for the films. Very educational!! :O

Tots awesome entry bruh <3

Puddleduck said...

Check this out for compact!
And beeteedub,
I don't judge anyone for eating McD's, goodness knows I've had my share :D

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