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September 12, 2010

Ingredient: Gochujang

As a student, I have come to a compromise with myself. I am allowed to buy one ingredient that is expensive every fortnight or so...If I happen to forgo other ingredients to purchase it, well then meals are interesting :D

So the other week I made an excursion to the asian grocer and for the last fortnight I have be cooking with:


Yum yum fantastic Korean chilli paste.
Hot, savoury goodness I have been making into soups and bolgoki (Korean spicy beef/pork). After a while I craved it so much I took to dunking raw carrots straight into the container, it is so good and so spicy. Has anyone ever tried it?

After a week or so, one starts to run out of variations on the theme, so I decided to try something new:

Make kimbap (like sushi) with gochujang bulgoki, not at all an authentic combination, but one I could totally live with :D

Bulgoki prepared with what was in our pantry, it made enough for two meals:

3 Tbsp gochujang paste
2 Tbsp rice vinegar
3 Tbsp soy sauce
3 cm of ginger, sliced finely
1.5 Tsp sugar
150g lean pork fillet

The kimbap rice I had never tried, having only eaten Japanese-style rice in seaweed wraps, but the sesame oil was so good! (and way easier to manage than sticky sushi rice)

1.5 cups round rice, with a big dash of sesame oil, cooled
2 pressed seaweed sheets
1 large carrot, cut lengthways into strips

It was tricky with the saucy-goodness of the bulgoki to wrap it cleanly. Reserved bolgoki sauce was nice to dip the kimbap in.

Spice is so deliciously addictive. Boy, do I love gochujang!!!
Hands up who is obsessed with chilli!

All that aside,
here, here and here is some of the tracks I was listening to :D
I'll share some of the kpop love <3

Hope you had a fantastic week and weekend,


Anonymous said...

Looks delicious. I wish I lived with you.

Puddleduck said...

You should come down here when you graduate :D

Liam said...

My hand is up and waving wildly!!! I love Chilli and have finally been able to start following this blog :-)

Puddleduck said...

I am craving mexican food so badly right now, I should try to make it!

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